Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Missions Mondays

Yes, I know it's Tuesday.  I'm a little behind.  :)  Sorry.

I have a heart for MISSIONS!!!  I LOVE Missions!  I have always prayed that God would call and send us somewhere, ANYWHERE (almost lol) as Missionaries.  He has!  He just hasn't called us to any of the places that I thought He would/should.  For now, it seems that God has called us to the people right here where we live.  I'm praying that He continues to help us to be content.  For those of you who don't know, we are currently living in the Southern US.  We always thought maybe God should send us somewhere with MUCH cooler temperatures and lots more snow!  :)  As of now, we are here and will joyfully serve Him.

Regardless of where we are living, God has called each of us to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES.  For some of us, it will mean going to foreign countries or other states.  For some of us, it will mean working in our own communities to reach out and share the love Jesus and good news of His salvation right where we are.  Regardless of where we live, Christians should view ourselves as Missionaries.

We are blessed to know several full-time Missionaries.  I am going to be rolling out a new feature on the blog called Missions Mondays. Each week I'll be introducing you to a different Missionary Family. Some will be working abroad.  Some will be working with different tribes of Native American Indians.  Others are Missionaries in ways we've never thought of before.  They'll tell us about their location (as long as it's safe), the people they work with, how they came to be on the mission field, and their family.

As I introduce the Missionaries to you, I would love for you to begin praying for their work.  They can go and work and preach, but only God can bring people to repentance and grant forgiveness. Pray that God would meet their financial needs, send friends to combat loneliness, send laborers to join the work, and allow them to see increase so that they do not grow weary.

As I'm preparing the questionnaire, I'd love to hear from you.  If you were meeting a new Missionary Family, what type of questions would you like to ask?  What would you like to know about their people, themselves, or their families?  What would you like to know about the work of a Missionary? I can't wait to see your questions.  Feel free to comment below or share on Facebook.

Only because of Christ,